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Workplace interruptions and closures can be very costly and stressful during the pandemic. Hometown Occupational Health offers complete solutions to help you during these difficult times.

Onsite Temperature Checks

You can reduce COVID-19 exposure risks among your employees with a small investment in daily temperature checks of your employees through a Hometown representative. Call your local Hometown representative today for more information.

Complete COVID-19 Testing Capabilities

Hometown provides antibody and molecular testing at select Hometown clinics which can help you quickly identify and isolate COVID-19 exposures among your employees. This can also help reduce panic among other workers and keep your workplace going without interruptions. Call/visit us for more information.

Hometown’s Medical Expert Hotline for Employers

Assumed or actual COVID-19 exposure at your workplace can be very stressful for your employees. These situations can be handled if you have access to Hometown’s medical experts who can guide you through options or solutions. This timely advice can help reduce panic and anxiety. Hometown clients can talk to our medical experts by calling

833-800-0677 (Mon-Fri; 8am – 5pm)

Hometown Telehealth Services

Your employees can be seen and be treated by Hometown Providers at work or at home via Hometown’s Telehealth. This can reduce anxiety and panic by avoiding the waiting room. All insurances cover telehealth (for a limited time). Download our app

Call Ahead to Schedule Your Appointment

Hometown Urgent Care is now offering appointments at all centers. Be seen quicker and avoid the waiting room. Call your nearest center today.

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