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Ohio’s Largest Occupational Health Provider

Providing a well-managed work injury program and controlling costs

As Ohio’s Largest Occupational Health provider, Hometown Urgent Care understands the importance of a well-managed work injury program and controlling claim cost.  As a full service health provider, our caring and professional medical teams quickly establish accurate diagnosis, provide convenient, compassionate medical care with no appointment necessary.

  • LOWEST COST for work injury in the industry
  • Lowest work days for work injury with better injury care
  • Medical care team trained in reduction of OSHA Recorded Injuries
  • Strong return-to-work philosophies (restrictions vs lost time)
  • Injury management plans that concentrate on faster rehabilitation time and REDUCED CLAIM COSTS
  • Centralized case management team with direct communication to employer/patient/MCO/TPA
Reduce BWC Premiums

Hometown can help contain costs in treating & managing work injuries thereby reducing your Workers’ Comp Premium.  Here’s how:

  • Lowest cost to treat work injuries in the industry
  • Lowest lost work days for work injury with better injury care
  • Costs 88% less (over $1200/-) less than ER for non-life threatening work injuries
  • Saves 2-4 hours of employee paid time by eliminating the ER wait times
  • Strong return to work philosophy
Reduce Healthcare Costs

Hometown can reduce your healthcare costs and help your employees save on out-of-pocket deductibles

  • Over $1,000 less than ER for non-life threatening injuries
  • Co-pays only 1/3 compared to ER
  • Wait time less than 20 minutes compared to 2-4 hours at ER
  • Sick today, seen today.  No lost working days waiting to see a doctore
  • Self-pay office visits only $89/-
  • Save up to 75% on prescription medications

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